Have you ever had your guitar fall or been knocked off of your guitar stand?
The Leaner is the most innovative patent-pending idea for guitars, specifically designed to alleviate the hassles and issues associated with guitar stands!

And, there are TWO Versions of The Leaner:
The first version is designed to go “IN” the guitar, as part of the build for electric guitars and is currently being considered for licensing with guitar manufacturers like Fender, Gibson, PRS, and Yamaha, etc.

The second version is an aftermarket design that will go “ON” any/all of the guitars (acoustic or electric) in your existing collection, using either a cosmetically safe 3M double-sided tape (for those who want to leave it on their guitars more permanently) or by using small, double-sided suction cups (for those who want to remove and reuse the leaner easily and more often).

The hinge, magnets, stability, and ease of use are the same with both versions!



Easier Load In/Out

Reduce The Amount Of “Stuff “You Have To Load & Carry In & Out Of Gigs!

No “Limited Space” Issues

With The Leaner You Can Place Your Guitar Down Anywhere Safely & Securely!

No “I Forgot My Stand”

With The Leaner You Never Have To Stress Over Forgetting Your Stand!

No “Stage Hazards”

Remove That “Tripping Hazard” That Is The Empty Guitar Stand On Stage!

No More “Amp Leaning”

Never Worry Again About Leaning Your Guitar On An Amp Or Bar Stool Again!

Lightweight & Secure

The Leaner Fits So Comfortably On The Back Of Your Guitar You Don’t Feel It When You Play!


After 35 years in the music business…..
I finally have the solution for that pain-in-the-ass “traditional” guitar stand!

Shawn Eiferman


Shawn Eiferman ( began playing guitar in Bellingham, Washington before he relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada where he currently resides and has performed everywhere there is a crowd and a plug in the wall!!!
His 35 years of playing music, singing, telling jokes, and keeping people entertained from all walks of life and from all over the world is why he has been the perfect entertainment solution for every/any event. Whatever the gig…Shawn can cover the bases!
Do you want old songs? New songs? Rock? Country? Rap? Pop? Award-winning originals? Blues? Polka?
OK…no Polka 🙁

But seriously…Shawn has spent his whole life with a guitar in his hands and surrounded by entertainment including an opera singer for a mother and a father ( who was a fitness pioneer (former Mr. America/Mr. Universe/Body Building Hall of Famer) who later did shows with Mae West and Debbie Reynolds who also preached health and nutrition in nationwide school assemblies and made television and film appearances for more than thirty years.

Shawn has played to over 100,000+ at MIX 94.1fm’s Bite of Las Vegas and KKLZ’s Junefest music festivals sharing the stage with Journey, Bad Company, Macy Gray, Franky Perez, Wilshire, Uncle Cracker, etc. 1st place winner in the 2001 USA Songwriting Contest(rock category)..2nd place overall! In-Music magazine calls him an “all-around hip musician and scenester with an extensive repertoire and dynamic stage presence. Featured in Gig (funkiest right hand of any white man in America,) L.A. Weekly and Music Connection magazines, being compared to everyone from Dave Mathews, Tonic and Hootie and the Blowfish to Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger. Performed with and/or opened for Prince, Edwin McCain, Hootie and the Blowfish, Soul Asylum, Sugar Ray, Barenaked Ladies, Cole Swindell, the Violent Femmes, Sister Hazel, Lee Brice, Paula Cole, Sammy Hagar, Pat Benetar, Todd Rundgren, Train, Toby Keith, the Goo Goo Dolls and Guns n’ Roses to name a few!

What Guitarist Say About The Leaner

“Genius!  This a marketing unicorn! What Shawn has created will elevate the instruments and the brand exposure for all of the manufacturers that install the leaner into their electric guitars. The Leaner solves a host of problems and any guitar builder who installs it will immediately separate themselves from their competitors, while giving customers a new reason to buy more of their guitars.”

Tom Rojas

Founding Member, The Wedge Brothers Band

“This might be the most exciting fundamental change to the guitar in the history of the guitar!
I’ve seen a kickstand on an old guild from the ’60s and a newer janky plastic toy thing about a decade ago that missed the mark. This is a home run!”

Daniel Polselli

Chief Science Officer / Sound Image



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